CPR Closed Isn’t an Option!

CPR4Biz – Restarting your business often depends upon insurance.
Insurance, FEMA and SBA may not arrive in time to salvage your business.

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CPR Women Lead

Crisis Prevention and Restoration is a woman owned and lead business.


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Crisis Prevention and Restoration – Sponsored Classes

Disaster Preparedness. Emergency Preparation. #PrepareMe Classes

HOAs, businesses, community groups, religious organizations are you looking to improve the safety and well being of your community?

Ongoing or Weekend Workshops

#PrepareMe Sonoma, Marin, Napa we have #PrepareMe Disaster Preparedness. Emergency Preparation.classes locally for you!

San Francisco, Mendocino, Inyo, Sacramento and beyond we have Weekend #PrepareMe Disaster Preparedness. Emergency Preparation. Workshops for you!

Call 415.891.9107 to discuss your class today. email classes@cpr4biz.com



Who We Are


Crisis Prevention & Restoration

CPR4Biz – Business Emergency Preparedness

Business Continuity Planning | Disaster Recovery Planning | Continuity of Operations


Factors For Disaster Management Risk Reduction

Prevention and Mitigation: Vulnerability Assessment, Education and Procedures, Improved Infrastructure

Risk Reduction: Reducing Exposure, Lowered Vulnerability

Preparedness: Emergency Response Plans – Training and Exercises

Response: Life Safety, Incident Stabilization, Property Preservation, Evacuation and Shelters

Recovery: Economic Restoration, Facility Recovery, Debris Management, Health and Social Services

Schedule – 1 to 1

Schedule – Insurance Presentation

Schedule – Top Reasons Businesses Don’t Plan Presentation

Order – Business & Income Resiliency Mini Assessment and Plan

Order Business Recovery Plan – Incident Recovery

Order – Recovery Oversight and Advocacy with Key Management – Non Bio-Hazard