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Business Emergency Preparedness Strengthens Day to Day Business

We help business owners, managers and teams care-take not only the business but it’s owner, it’s employees, it’s customers and it’s vendors – your business family and your own family.


Our industry term is Business Continuity Planning but we don’t stick with basic industry items – web, cloud, data safety, basic employee safety, etc. we go farther.

That’s where CPR is special.

Too busy you say? We can give you a quick overview of risk in about 15 minutes.

After a disaster is not the time to start planning for financial stability.

When stories like Middletown in Lake County, CA, the Tennessee fires, 700 homes and 200 businesses – home and vacation businesses possibly not counted – and the Oakland Ghost fire happen it’s heart breaking.  Our hearts break for all the same reasons your do.  Then it cracks a bit more.  See, we know how to change these paths, IF the community and owners ask for help.

We have the very depressing and uncanny ability to see potential accidents.

We also though know how to find solutions.

Our Business Continuity Plans, implemented in your business, ensure continuity of operation and income flow during times of duress.


Minimizing the Impact of Disasters on Your Business

Its Up To You

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Businesses that create a disaster action plan, a contingency operations plan, and implement their plans with hospitality mindsets ensure their prosperity despite day to day challenges.

Crisis Prevention & Restoration

Disaster Restoration

The process of restarting your business income stream after a disruptive event. The event might be something immense-like an earthquake, wildfire, or something very personal like a medical emergency, family death or divorce.