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Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Preparedness, Woman Owned, Woman Managed, Prevention and Mitigation: Vulnerability Assessment, Education and Procedures, Improved Infrastructure

Risk Reduction: Reducing Exposure, Lowered Vulnerability

Preparedness: Emergency Response Plans – Training and Exercises

Response: Life Safety, Incident Stabilization, Property Preservation, Evacuation and Shelters

Recovery: Economic Restoration, Facility Recovery, Debris Management, Health and Social Services

Business Disasters


Personal Crisis


Groups Crises Management


Is Your Business Prepared?

It’s your blood, sweat and tears.

Your investment in yesterday, today and tomorrow.

| Natural Disasters | Medical Emergencies | Employee Issues | Financial Crises | Safety |


How are you caring for it?

Are you leaving it in the hands of employees who may not have the same investment or skills?

Personal Emergency Preparation

Emergencies are very traumatic.

CPR4Biz’s newsletter and classes will help you plan to make the best choices for your and your family’s mental and physical safety and health.

Flooding Happens - Is your family ready?

Group Crises Management

Is your team able to keep your community safe and secure - calm and comfortable during and after a disaster?

Are you ready to help the vulnerable that may arrive in need?

| Churches | Senior Centers | Community Centers | Schools | Hospice & Rehabilitation Centers |

Trained & Practiced Emergency Plans?

Skilled employees and volunteers prepared for the unexpected?

| Natural Disasters | Medical Emergencies | Employee Issues | Financial Crises | Safety |