17 Emergency Storm

Emergencies happen every day. Being prepared ensures businesses and their employees have skills and resources to survive with grace, compassion and success.

17 Emergency Storm Kit Must Haves
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Be Prepared At Home before Severe Weather Strikes

A severe storm can knock out utility services to your area, leaving you without electricity, heat, water or fresh food. It’s a good idea to put together an emergency kit you can grab at a moment’s notice (or store it in the “protective area” in your house you plan to use during severe weather.)
Be sure to store your emergency kit in a waterproof container.

Remember to check your kit semi-annually. Suggested: At daylight savings time, change/ replace your home smoke detector batteries!

• Flashlight and extra batteries (Check batteries semi-annually!)
• Battery-operated radio with a weather band
• First aid kit with essential medicines and a manual
• A large jug of drinking water
• Non-perishable, ready-to-eat food
• Towels, toilet paper and bathroom items
• A spare pair of shoes (that give some protection from broken glass and broken wood fragments)
• Work gloves
• Duct tape
• Credit cards
• A copy of insurance documents
• Blankets and sleeping gear (both for flying-debris protection and comfort)
• List of phone numbers and addresses of emergency services and protective areas, physicians, family and friends

Stock the kit with spare home tools that you may need:
• Hammer and nails
• A pocket multi-tool
• Screwdrivers, pliers and wrenches
• Small pry-bar
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Make sure everyone in your family knows where the kit is kept. Be sure and store your severe weather emergency kit in the protected area where you plan to seek shelter from storms! Review your emergency plan with your family and post the written plan.

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