9.11 Impact Remains – are we any more prepared?

9.11 Impact Remains

9.11 Impact Remains

As we take a moment to reflect and review (and yes a moment of silence for the grief we still hold) I must ask – are we any more prepared than we were then?

Here are two stories on how the few who were prepared saved a community.

The story from 9/11 that stuck with our founder was that of Rick Rescorla “The Man Who Predicted 9/11.”

Inspired by Rick Rescorla and what he had managed; he was her hero not only for saving so many lives but because he held his ground and made everyone practice with no excuses.

9.11 Impact Remains

The Astonishing Story of the Federal Reserve on 9-11

by bunnygirl60

On the morning of 11 September 2001, when Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Roger W. Ferguson, Jr. arrived at work in his office in the Federal Reserve Bank in Washington, DC, he was alone. I don’t mean there weren’t other people in the building it’s just that it was a busy day and all the other members of the Fed Board of Governors who are normally in Washington were traveling. In fact, Ferguson was the only member of the Board who was anywhere near the District. Alan Greenspan, the Chairman of the Fed, along with William J. McDonough, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (which is, in case you didn’t know, the first among equals in the Fed system) were both in Zurich, Switzerland at a meeting of central bankers. Actually, it was worse than that, Greenspan was on a commercial plane in route back to the US and was out of contact with his staff. (Remember, this was before wifi was available on flights.)

Ferguson, considered a deliberative and thoughtful man by his staff, settled into his office and turned on his television to keep track of the markets. When the second plane hit the World Trade Center no one had to tell Ferguson, he knew the country was under attack and he already knew that the attack was aimed at the financial backbone of the world, lower Manhattan. Ferguson declared an emergency and all over the Fed stunned staff found assurance in going through emergency procedures for which they had prepared. The Joint Y2K Committee Ferguson had so recently headed proved to be a windfall of emergency planning and the entire Fed system referred back to those decisions and the associated training throughout the 9-11 crisis. By the time employees could all hear the muffled thump coming from the direction of the Pentagon and smoke could be seen out the windows the staff had secured themselves and the premises and they had started to organize their war room. The President, George W. Bush, was still reading a children’s book. … More

The moral of the story is prepare now and practice every chance you are given.   9.11 Impact Remains as does the impact of Sandy, Katrina and many other disasters.