Beyond Business Continuity “Planning” – Immediate Restoration

Beyond Business Continuity – Immediate Restoration


What is Immediate Restoration?


Will your business open tomorrow if disaster hits today?


You’ve made a plan! Congratulations!!   We say that sincerely – good job.


And if you are like most of Crisis Prevention & Restoration’s clients you look at your business continuity plan and say – Now What?


The answer is Immediate RESTORATION!! And you still have that confused perplexed look.

Help is On the Way - Business Continuity

Help is On the Way – Business Continuity

No worries – we have the answer.


Immediate restoration is when your business continues its daily operations at a level that’s lucrative and stabilizing despite the storm swirling around you. By definition restoration is the action of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition – in this case we are focusing on business operation restoration.


Businesses are affected by their communities, their staff, their leadership and often times’ nature. Crisis Prevention & Restoration may not be able to make such events enjoyable but we do believe we can help you, your team and your community manage the event successfully and with lower stress.


Business continuity planning must account for personal, medical, man-made and natural disasters.


Beginning with the plan you already have (it’s ok if you don’t have it yet – Crisis Prevention & Restoration can help with that too) we’ll work on implementation. Implementation is the actual use of the plan. We have found that a plan that is practiced is easiest to use. This means creating systems and procedures that port from your plan to your day to day business. An example would be a daily accounting back up, client files saved in the cloud, a backup or a dropbox version of your documents and so on.


Each business is different of course but we think there are 6 things that can be planned to support business continuity.


Damaged Income Streams Don’t Flow!


Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Train Your Team

– Whether you train your team or we train your team – every member needs the knowledge on how to manage any change to business in a professional manner while maintaining continuity. Continuity means that your customers are treated with respect, that their orders are managed despite business changes, that income streams continue to flow and that your business remains in business.

Procedures and Systems Management

– At Crisis Prevention & Restoration; we believe a team approach to creating systems and procedures is critical to success and a working knowledge base for all staff. CPR4Biz finds that these procedures are most useful when they are easily understood and followed. Updates and practice ensure all team members are skilled in areas outside their daily responsibilities.

Testing Management

– Crisis Prevention & Restoration will work with you to facilitate scenarios that test your team’s skills under various stressful situations from vacations to supply chain breaks to medical emergencies to natural disasters. After each we’ll evaluate, review and update procedures and systems.


Business Continuity Updates

– After testing, evaluating, reviewing and updating procedures and systems CPR4Biz will work with you to update your Business Continuity Plan. As a team we’ll analyze gaps and solve challenges to ensure success at implementation. Then we test again after the new procedures are in place and working.

Employee Welfare

– Crisis Prevention & Restoration truly understands the challenges of being a parent and an employee when an emergency strikes. We know that without its employees – the people who breathe life into the business – there is no business. We work with business to ensure employee wellbeing is considered and respected in each phase of planning and implementation. CPR4Biz works diligently to assist business find answers to obstacles and complications.


– CPR4Biz recognizes the dilemma that comes from protecting human life during a major crisis. We work with your team to define a solid sheltering in plan and safe options for evacuation as well. Discussions include supporting vulnerable team members, parent concerns, guest and patrons comfort, exit plans, first aid and beyond.