Business Escape Plan

Business Escape Plan

Emergency Escape Routes

Fire Escape- Quick Tip

Escape Plan- Quick Tip

Value your employees, value their lives and make sure you have an escape plan to get them all out safe in case of a fire or any other emergency. Crisis Prevention & Restoration has the expertise to help your business plan and train employees. An employee on the first floor who may be caught in a fire on the second floor may not know escape routes if he or she doesn’t frequent that floor.
No one expects to have a disaster or emergency. Disasters and emergencies affects employers and employees and their business. Although disasters can strike at any time we don’t think of them often. Fires, floods and all natural disasters can occur at the blink of an eye. Be prepared, keep your employees safe and design a well planned emergency escape map in the event you and your employees needs to evacuate immediately. Expect the unexpected and be prepared with a well developed emergency escape plan for when evacuation is needed.


An unforeseen emergency can threaten your employees, customers and disrupt your business operations.

Many emergencies can be natural as well as man made and include the following;

■ Floods,
■ Hurricanes,
■ Tornadoes,
■ Fires,
■ Toxic gas releases,
■ Chemical spills,
■ Radiological accidents,
■ Explosions,
■ Civil disturbances, and
■ Workplace violence resulting in bodily harm and trauma.

Evacuation Plan

Evacuation Plan

There are many templates you can find on line to use to map out your fire escape plan. Diagram where fire extinguishers and escape ladders are and also who’s in charge of what. Be prepared and don’t leave anything to chance, a well thought of escape plan can save lives.

The best way to be prepared for an emergency is to prepare and plan out every case scenario before it happens. Most people panic and cant thinks straight in an emergency. A well planned escape route and annual drills will help keep everyone informed and calm during the emergency because they will be well prepared. Think about what you would do in case of all of the above fore mentioned.

Being prepared is important for any emergency situation. Better to have plans that weren’t used than to have an emergency you weren’t prepared and planned for.

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Emergencies happen every day. Being prepared ensures businesses and their employees have skills and resources to survive with grace, compassion and success.

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