Business Winter Storm Preparedness

Is Your Business Ready to Close?
For a Week?

Are your employees prepared to shelter in place? . . .
~ At Work? . . .
~ With Clients? ...
~ With Grace, Compassion and Success?

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Emergencies happen every day. Being prepared ensures businesses and their employees have skills and resources to survive with grace, compassion and success.

Snow on Freeway

Winterize Your Car

Being prepared is important for any emergency situation. Better to have plans that weren’t used than to have an emergency that could have been prepared for.

The recent 2015 Blizzard that hit Boston Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and parts of New England promised to bring over 3 feet of snow literally overnight. People were gathering supplies expecting to stay home for a few days and businesses were working hard to meet consumers’ needs. Emergency responders such as fire departments, police, hospitals and such were preparing for the storm in different ways. They were planning ahead for all possible scenarios. Although the recent storm was not as bad as originally predicted in some areas such as New England snowplows were struggling to keep up with the snow fall. In Boston doctors and nurses were given a lift to work at local hospitals by local police.
Flights were cancelled, schools and government offices were closed, and transportation was shut down in some cities. New York came to a screeching halt when everything was shut down. Although, things were almost all back to normal on Tuesday when NY wasn’t hit as hard as predicted other areas were not that lucky. The entire island of Nantucket lost power and thousands or homes and business were without power in the Boston Cape Cod area.

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Winter Storms

Taking Care of Employees

Ensuring your employees are prepared and safe is good business.

Prepare My Business

While many were gathering supplies needed for their home; businesses were or should have been preparing to keep their business going and their employees safe. Business owners not only have the responsibility taking care of the public, they also have the responsibility of taking care of their employees and volunteers. Food, water and shelter are essentials for any emergency situation but it doesn’t stop there. During winter storms there are many other things to worry about.

How were businesses preparing?

Did they have the supplies needed to keep their employees warm?

What if the snow plow were to break down; how would your employees, responding to your request they come into work, survive the frigid temperatures?

Business need to plan for all weather emergencies. They need to keep their employees safe and equipped with everything necessary to keep going through weather emergencies.

There are many out there driving in the storms, in the frigid temperatures that may get stuck in the snow storm themselves.

Could that be your employee?

Could your business be liable?

Business should have the “worst case scenario” mentality. It’s better to have the emergency blanket and the storm matches in the vehicle and never need them then to be stranded for hours in the frigid temperatures without. Items such as flashlights, glow sticks, lanterns and hand warmers are a necessity as part of a winter storm vehicle kit.