“The Call”

ShelleRae & Barefoot Executive Carrie Wilkerson @ BE4 2013-12-07

ShelleRae & Barefoot Executive Carrie Wilkerson @ BE4 2013-12-07

Today Carrie WIlkerson posted about “The Call”. If you’ve followed Carrie for any length of time you easily and quickly become part of her extended family. From new adoptions to Dad’s ministry and all the amazing fun her family shares with her audience. I had the chance to spend a few days in Dallas with Carrie December 2013 – BE4Dallas – and gained so much information 3 months later I am still trying to act on it all. If you are a growing business I encourage you to connect with Carrie – you’ll be glad you did.

Here is a excerpt from her blog www.carriewilkerson.com – The Call – following the excerpt I’ll say a bit more for those interested in Preparing for The Call.

“You know the one I’m talking about, right?

  • The call that makes your pulse race, your heart sink, your blood pressure spike and the clock stop?
  • The call that makes you abandon your grocery cart in the aisle and disregard every traffic rule and speed limit?
  • The call that makes everything you griped about today or this MONTH irrelevant and ridiculous?

Yesterday, I got that call. Actually — it was a text.

“Dad in an ambulance headed to ER, call Hal.”

First you freeze. Then you pray. Then you move into action.

You’re looking a little nervous, so let me just tell you — he’s okay now. We are still having tests done this week and everything seems fine. (But if you pray, hey – I won’t be mad if you add Robert Owensby to your list ;)

I know Carrie enough to know what you read on her blog is the truth, you can bet her mind went in exactly the order and thoughts you read and she moved to action – quickly (thus the cart left in the grocery aisle).

Are you ready for your own version of “The Call”?

Small businesses are the back bone of most of the world.

Small businesses are the back bone of most of the world.

Is Your Business Prepared?

Small businesses hire over 50% of the employees world wide. When a small business fails it creates a domino effect.

Businesses fail every day due to owner emergencies.

15-40 percent of businesses fail following a natural or man made disaster.1

94 percent of small business owners believe a disaster could seriously disrupt their business within the next two years.2

51 percent of Americans have experienced at least one emergency situation where they lost utilities for at least three days, had to evacuate and could not return home, could not communicate with family members or had to provide first aid to others.3

C.P.R. wants to help. We want to change these numbers. We have a plan. And we want to share it with you!

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