Never Again: Be Prepared

Never Again: Be Prepared

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Ever Never Again: Be Prepared! Using A Solar Yard Lights In A Power Outage -Posted September 12, 2013
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Never Again: Be Prepared

Using A Solar Yard Lights In A Power Outage -Posted September 12, 2013

Here’s an idea I had this summer that we are putting to use here today. I bought some solar yard lights at the dollar store and they have worked fabulously in the yard all summer. I bought an extra set to save for power outages. (When I say save I mean I just didn’t pull out the plastic tab that makes it start working until today). I filled a few short jars with beans (which I had left over from the sensory bin). Sand or rice would also work well. If it’s not a 24 hour downpour, you can set them outside to charge during the day. I had to just put ours in the window, they still charged.

An all hazards plan will give you and your employees the confidence and tools to restore your business and its income stream quickly.

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