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Emergency Kits for Every Experience – Field Trips

Icy Roads
Icy Roads

At CPR we are firm believers in being prepared – all the time.

We are also the first to admit as women we don’t want to carry around a 40lb pack.  A backpack is not an accessory to our heels and cocktail dresses.

From CPR classes to First Aid, full tanks of gas, food to feed an army (or a teenage boy sleep over), field trips, and extras for the guests you expect to arrive in a crisis and the ones that will simply come and need support. Our goal is to get your life ready both professionally and personally.

As Mom’s we also know that preparation and leadership often falls to us.

ShelleRae has been dealing with this with her son and his friends. “My son’s emergency preparedness conversation was simple – I am taking my mom – which then got his friends to all agree – taking his Mom was the best answer. 

“My Bug Out Bags get eaten (except the tuna) on a regular basis by the boys.  This makes updates easier for sure but also requires greater awareness.  One field trip and I can be empty.” – ShelleRae  


Permission to Treat


When ShelleyRae’s youngest son was 2 he was banging a hammer on wood when the claw3 slit his scalp open. Yes, we all paniced.

By the time ShelleyRae got to the hospital she was in no shape to manage her own adrenaline, an injured 2 year old and hospital forms. 

Thankfully she had a version of the download to the right …

Permission to Treat –



Every day – emergencies happen. A few choice pieces of equipment can save your life.

A simple – get back to the car emergency kit works well – flats, flashlight, a leatherman style mini tool, a few small bills – enough to get one back to their hopefully well stocked car. 

Now these same supplies are wonderful for men as well – I just find most men have a few things in their pockets they can make do with while women rarely have pockets.

Day Pack Emergency Kit - Field Trip Emergency Kit

Field Trip Emergency Kit – Day Pack Size Preparation How to –

Field Trips can be an adventure but it also can leave kids and parents vulnerable.  We will talk more about School and Field Trip Preparation in the coming weeks. To start us out here is a basic day pack that can last 3 days.

Our Field Trip Emergency Kit has a slightly different set of basics – This all fits into a day pack with a water bladder.  Water bladder, jetboil with fuel and lighter, 3 food kits (we are showing 2 – ramen, tuna, 2 packs of oatmeal, 1 hot coco, 2 small instant teas, emergenc, bouillon cubes, peanut butter and instant soup), flashlight, lifestraw, cotton balls, lighter, chapstick, medications, basic first aid – mole skin, cortizone, tweezers, clippers, headache meds, magnifying glass, compass, potable water tablets,  sunglasses, wisp, murine tears, carmex, matches, can opener, gloves and pen.