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CPR4Biz Disaster Preparation

Your FREE Fire Preparation Package is HERE! Fire.Preparation.2018

Disaster Preparation – Fire Module

Thank you for requesting Fire Preparation information. 

This PDF set has actually “2 Sets” included in it. One download. The link is above.

The first “set” of documents are PDF pages ready to be printed as a booklet. The calendar is pages 4 & 5 in the booklet.

Our hope is it will inspire and encourage the creation of bullet journal style binders which will become the foundation of your Grab & Go. If you have need for creative ways to manage the booklet for convenience etc please ask for support.

The second “set” of documents are the individual pages. We thought some might just like to be able to print the ones they need individually.

If you’d like to join our mailing list we will send you monthly updates and information to round out your preparation and a monthly calendar to assist in your personal preparation journey.

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