Flood Safety & Preparedness Webinar


ShelleRae O’Connor

Join Kim Beasley and our own ShelleyRae O’Connor

On Thursday, November 5 at 1pm CST

Business Crisis Preparation – Floods and Flooding

Kim Beasley will be our host! ShelleyRae O’Connor will be sharing about the cost of disasters on business, why a plan is so critical and how to plan for flooding and floods. Obviously we’ve just seen South Carolina flood and with the fires on the West Coast we expect flooding, mud slides and landslides to fill the news as El Nino strengthens.

As we know from experience hurricanes and Super Storms like Sandy have left areas devastated and flooded. At Crisis Prevention and Restoration we gather information on these events and use it to improve and strengthen our businesses before a disaster by creating business continuity plans.

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