[column-group] [column]Insurance Brokers and Agents the Beginnning of a good Continuity Plan

A properly designed business continuity plan is intended to help return an organization to pre-disaster operation as quickly as possible, with the ultimate goals of lessening the overall business impact of the event and ensuring the company survival.

Your Agent or Broker will be a very strong ally in the case of a claim. Build that relationship consistently and have a regularly scheduled review.

Storm Debris Awating Adjuster


Insurance is not Business Continuity

Insurance is not a Contingency of Operations Plan

Insurance will not Evacuate your Business or be there for a Shelter In Place Order

Insurance May Take Months to Pay

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Insurance is a great beginning place for a Business Continuity Plan but it’s just a beginning.


We help agents Agents and Brokers
Minimize Claims

Strengthen Business Clients Procedures

Train and Drill to Ensure Safer (Lower Risk) Responses to Emergencies

Create Plans to Prevent/Minimize Repeat Claims

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We can change your Business Survival Skills and Abilities


Each year, thousands of businesses and organizations are affected by man-made and natural disasters.  Fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, explosions, winter storms and earthquakes cause extensive damage and disrupt the ability to operate.  It has been estimated that over 40% of businesses closed by a catastrophe or disaster never reopen.  A pre-defined business continuity plan can help ensure your business does not add to this statistic.

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Crisis Prevention and Restoration (CPR4Biz) works with small to medium sized business owners to prepare for emergencies;

preparation ensures disasters don’t become catastrophes.

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