Insurance Checklist

52 Steps to Business Prep

Step 1

Disaster Preparation Insurance Home Inventory:


CPR.HomeInventoryGet Prepared: Review and Update Your Insurance

To begin a review, start with your home inventory. Creating an inventory and storing it in a safe location away from home is one of the most basic – and effective – disaster preparedness steps you can take to help protect yourself and your financial future. A home inventory can save you time and headaches when filing a claim following a disaster.

Click here for a simple to use form and tips for completing your home inventory.

It is important to review your inventory each year.


The easiest way to complete this is to use your video, camera or phone to create a record.  When a new item comes into your business or home simply make a video of it including the receipt. Store copies of the photos/videos in a set place – personally we have found, and to be great options for videos and photos. We chose these particular companies for varying reasons the greatest being that they are online and assessable from anywhere in the world.  They are also in different places with different servers increasing the chances that we’ll be able to retrieve needed info fast and effectively in a crisis.

It is also good to ensure that more than one person can access the information.  Whether for business or personal access is critical.  We have found that having 3 people in at least 3 areas of the world is a good policy.