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Personal Emergency Preparation

Emergencies are very traumatic.

CPR4Biz classes will help you plan to make the best choices for your mental and physical safety and health.

Our Beliefs –

Emergency kits should be more than the basics. Comfort and well-being should be considered as well as medical needs, food, shelter, heat and water.  Pets need emergency kits too.

Communication is often the most forgotten but greatest necessity during an emergency.

Evacuation often means leaving the familiarity of our communities.

Preparation lowers anxiety, improves moods, and lowers trauma.


Beyond Our Newsletter

Monthly  – Online

Disaster Preparation Classes

Crisis Prevention & Restoration

Over the course of the 12 classes participants will be supported in creating the following for themselves, their family, their pets and their livestock:

• Emergency Binder
• 72 Hour Bags
• Medical 72 Hour Bags
• First Aid Kits
• Communication Kits
• Evacuation
• Shelter in Place – 72 Hour
• Regularly Scheduled Home Safety Checks

We’ll share, explore and prepare while building community
and comradery.

Originally designed for businesses to strengthen employee
resiliency and prepare employees for disasters.

I have revamped them for the private sector; for you.