52 Steps to Business Prep – Preparing Makes Good Business Sense

52 Steps to Business Prep is an easy way to get your business ready for the unexpected. 


Preparing Makes Good Business Sense – Why does your business need to prepare for an emergency?


Damaged Income Streams Don’t Flow!


Will your business open tomorrow if disaster hits today?


How quickly your company can get back to business after a personal disaster, terrorist attack, tornado, a fire or flood often depends on emergency planning done today.


Who needs an Emergency Restoration Plan? Every business. Crisis can happen from within the business itself (health or medical emergencies, financial troubles, employee issues), along the supply chain (vendor failures and closures) or from outside (natural disasters) – Preparing Makes Good Business Sense.

Restoring Business the Morning After begins long before there is a need. Crisis Management works best when Business establish an Emergency Plan. Just like a Marketing or Sales Plan a Business Emergency Plan sets the foundation for how a Crisis will be handled and managed. Major disasters use Incident Commanders to set the standard. Small business rely on owners and managers. Effective Response requires practice, knowledge and a support team of experts. Crisis Prevention and Restoration is here to help you plan your Emergency Response.

The lessons of Katrina, Charleston, W. VA, Joplin, MO, the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks demonstrate the importance of being prepared. CPR4Biz is here to help your company prepare its business emergency plan. Every small step helps ensure your business will re-open in a timely manner.


In the coming weeks we are going to be posting small steps businesses can take to move forward consistently to prepare themselves and their employees.


At Crisis Prevention & Restoration, we feel that business must look at the well-being of their employees as heavily as they look at the well-being of the business.


Are you ready . . .

  • Personal Disasters

  • Business Crisis

  • Man Made Tragedies

  • Natural – Acts of God

  • Local Catastrophes

  • National Calamities


Preparing Makes Good Business Sense


At Crisis Prevention & Restoration our job is to help business prevent, prepare & restore themselves from a variety of crisis, disasters and emergencies. We focus on well-being and resiliency. Assisting our clients ensure their businesses are able to re-open as soon as possible.




Preparing Makes Good Business Sense