Resqme Car Escape Tool – In the Pink Prepping

Resqme Car Escape Tool 

 Resqme, Car Escape Tool the Keychain Version of the Lifehammer, Made in the USA (Fuchsia)
Resqme, Car Escape Tool 


Resqme, Car Escape Tool the Keychain Version of the Lifehammer, Made in the USA (Fuchsia)

When I saw this I knew every car and possibly every seat, every teen driver, every mom – needed one of these. There are several versions on the market.  If you buy a different brand be aware of the knife and the cover over it.  Last thing you want is to be cut by a broken cover or to find it breaks as it’s used.

Inspired by LifeHammer, the acclaimed automotive escape tool, ResQMe is a revolutionary handheld rescue tool that provides drivers and passengers with the same level of confidence and results as its larger cousin in the event of a life-threatening entrapment incident in your vehicle. Ultra small, yet designed to provide the instant and easy ability to cut through jammed seat belts and shatter side windows when the need arises. Entrapment, the inability to escape a vehicle in the event of an emergency, is a very real threat to motorists. According to the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics last publication, there are over 42,000 crash fatalities each year. That is almost 1 death every 12 minutes. At just a hair over 3-inches in length and .6 ounces, ResQMe easily fits on to your keychain with a detachable clip. This small size also allows it to be stored in any number of places convenient to the driver, including a hanging position directly on the the steering or shifting columns, or in the extra key compartment under the dash. In the event of an entrapment pull the clip away from the product to reveal the cutter (blade). Hook this over a jammed seat belt and pull to free yourself. To activate the window breaker, simply push the black head against a side window until the concealed spring-loaded spike releases and shatters the window.





Prepping In the Pink Extras

Pink Paracord - I recommend 100'
Pink Paracord – I recommend 100′

Paracord Planet 10′, 25′, 50′, 100′ Hanks & 250′, 1000′ Spools of Parachute 550 Cord Type III 7 Strand Paracord Over 200 Colors




I always start with a great backpack like this one –

Ledge Sports Jem Hydration Pack in Pink
Ledge Sports Jem Hydration Pack in PINK

Ledge Sports Jem Hydration Pack – I prefer hydration packs to many others simply because water is at hand. Though they are smaller I use straps to “expand” them when needed. I find they hold enough typically for 3 days.










Pink Medical Scissors

 My favorite scissors

I have listed two different sizes. The colors are also slightly different. The key is utility and size. I have room for 6″ in some bags and up to 8″ in others.  These handy scissors are designed for every medical issue they could imagine.  EMTs have told me often these are their go to item to have with at all times.  Seat belts and beyond these Prepping in the Pink – Medical Utility Scissors are perfect all hazard gear.
Prestige Medical Nurse Utility Scissors 5 1/2″ Trauma Shears, Hot Pink – The 5½” 870 utility scissors are made of Japanese 420 stainless steel. The serrations on these shears are milled, not stamped, for cutting through tough material. Autoclavable to 290F / 143C.

Paramedic Utility Bandage Shears Neon Pink 7.25 Inch – Multi-purpose, utility EMS scissors are the best all purpose shears on the market. A 30 % larger handle means greater comfort. Blades are surgical sharp and made of 420 stainless steel for easier cutting. Strong rivets on both sides of the blade gives you more cutting power. Flattened end for easier insertion under tape, bandages or clothing. 7.25 inch long, neon pink handles.


Life Gear Pink Family Pack
Life Gear Pink Family Pack

Life Gear Pink Family Pack – These are perfect for in your desk, car, or emergency kits.  With two to a pack they are perfect for spreading light to spots like laundry rooms, filing areas, etc. Walk your home and business with lights out just after dusk. See where light would be helpful in an emergency. A small lunch box or reusable grocery bag make great emergency kits.  Go simple – light, water, small first aid kit maybe a piece of candy or two in case of a diabetic emergency. Just enough to get someone out and to the larger kits.

The Life Gear 4 in 1 Glow LED Flashlight w/ Storage is easy to operate, compact and waterproof for everyday use. This durable Glow LED Flashlight features an LED Glow Stick, LED flasher, LED flashlight and Waterproof Storage Compartment. Read maps, signal your friends, or brighten up the picnic table with this combination flasher and flashlight. Not only will you feel comforted by the reliability of this bright LED light but you can even use the handle for storing keys or money. Life Gear is dedicated to working hands-on at every level to develop and promote innovative everyday products engineered with life saving capabilities. Life Gear – Prepare for Life.

Stanley Tripod Key Chain Light

Stanley Tripod Key Chain Light
Stanley Tripod Key Chain Light

 My favorite flashlight is the Stanley 3 in 1 tripod. A hard tool to find lately. On my search I located these cuties.  At 5.5 x 1.2 x 3.8 inches ; 1.6 ounces they are a bit too big for most my wallets.

This size though is very nice for other areas of my life.  I have one in both the front and rear of my car for instance, on my desk and tv stand area, and one in the kitchen.  They do what no other flashlight I have seen does – STANDS UP! I love hands free. and the key chains allows me to hand them wherever I choose.  I certainly could see this as a great addition to offices.  They would be perfect to set up to create  a lit walkway, light a broad area and cast away shadows, and I am sure the ideas will flow if you try them.  I love the pink and think it fits in my emergency “Prepping In the Pink” kit but there are more colors. 

Stanley also has these in slightly larger sizes but those aren’t in the fun colors.

Stanley 95-111 Mini Tripod Flashlight

Stanley 95-112W Tripod LED Flashlight