Solar Lantern for Brightening Up the Darkest Days!

Let there be LIGHT – Solar Lantern


Luci Emergency Light
Solar Lantern Luci Emergency Light

I can not remember going through earthquakes, tornadoes or hurricanes where we didn’t need light. Of course we had candles and flash lights – these though are great because they recharge and are super small (1in. x 5 in. when collapsed) and lightweight (4.5 oz).  This solar lantern fits into a backpack easily even a day pack. In fact it will fit into a lunch box. Which brings us to another thing that happens in emergencies.


KIDS get Scared!


It’s important when you have children who are afraid of the dark to help them feel safe and comfortable, the Luci LED Emergency Solar Lantern can not only help see but can also aid in easing the little ones when they are already scared of what is going on.  Light chases shadows away and this rechargeable solar lantern is something the kids can maintain.  Even in an emergency they can be in charge of getting the light charged by simply taking it outside to play with them.


10-LED Solar Lantern is compact (1in. x 5 in. when collapsed) and lightweight (4.5 oz) for storage and transport and bright (80 lumens) for emergency use.  Waterproof enclosure inflates to 4 inches for use in low light, bright light, and emergency flashing light modes.  Use as a task light, flashlight, and diffuse area lantern (15 sq. ft.).


8 hour charge yields 6 to 12 hours of light.  Holds a single charge for up to 3 months. Maintains 50% power even after 2 years in dark storage.  Recharge in sunlight or incandescent light.



Handle for carrying or attaching to walls,ceilings, or backpacks. Long life: 300 – 500 recharge cycles.  Maintenance free.