Travel Emergency Kit – Preparation How To

Travel Emergency Kit

Every day – emergencies happen. A few choice pieces of equipment can save your life.

As a female owned company we have designed mini kits for just about every occasion and had a blast doing it!

Evening wear; a simple – get back to the car kit works well – flats, flashlight, a leatherman style mini tool, a few small bills – enough to get one back to their hopefully well stocked car.

In December 2013, ShelleRae went to Dallas. Of course Ice Storm Cleon followed her. What a BLAST! hehehe

Humor aside – the storm was expected and the entire DFW area was pre-declared a disaster area.  ShelleRae wanted to pack at least a small emergency kit. Flying made this kits a bit more of a challenge. We had envisioned a make up bag size kit for office drawers, purses, glove boxes, and more for a while which was in the testing phase – we used this opportunity to put a mini kit together.


Travel Emergency Kit – Purse Size Preparation How to –

Our daily purse kit fits in a small makeup bag –  cotton balls, lighter, chapstick, medications, basic first aid – mostly a few bandaids, mole skin and scissors, tweezers, nail clippers, emery board, electrolytes, headache meds, $20 in small bills, dental floss (need to add a needle), 3 small instant teas, can opener, mints, Kind bar & business cards (ID).

Every Day Make Up Bag Carry – Small and compact this kit will help you get back to your car or out of a small jam.

For #DFWX we upgraded her makeup bag to a small lunchbox ShelleRae picked up at the thrift store for $1.00. This gave us more room for the hand/body warmers.

Every Day Carry (EDC) Travel Kit - Lunch box size kit perfect for air travel.

When the electricity went off we had our room heat up high so we managed to stave off being frosty for the 4.5 hours it was out. Had we gotten frosty we would have enjoyed those wonderful warmers.

Travel Emergency Kit - Lunchbox Size Preparation How to -

Small lunch box that has the basics – cotton balls, lighter, chapstick, duct tape, paracord, medications, basic first aid – mostly a few bandaids, mole skin and scissors (We’ll be adding tweezers, nail clippers and emery board), tooth paste, tooth brush, electrolytes, headache meds, $20 in small bills, compass, dental floss (need to add a needle), potable water tablets, body warmers, tuna, 2 packs of oatmeal, 1 hot coco, 2 small instant teas, a small amount of puhr tea, bouillon cubes, flashlights, 2 razors, shampoo & conditioner. We are adding in toilet paper in a ziplock and wipes.