Watch “First Aerial Footage of Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Leak” on YouTube

From KCET, Los Angeles 12.25.15

At this writing, almost 70,000 metric tons of methane has leaked from the SoCal Gas’s well, with an effect on the climate equivalent to the total annual pollution from all of California’s oil refineries.

Watch “First Aerial Footage of Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Leak” on YouTube

Aside from the catastrophic setback the Aliso Canyon leak represents in the┬ástate’s efforts to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, the pollution is also causing a public health nightmare for neighbors. Around 2,100 households have been temporarily relocated as a result of the leak, and SoCal Gas agreed this week it would find temporary housing for another 2,600 affected families. The company agreed to make sure pets were taken care of, and to provide additional security for vacated neighborhoods.

“I hate seeing SoCalGas’ pollution billowing over my home and community. Knowing this gas leak has been polluting us since October and won’t stop until March, if then, makes it clear there’s only one way to keep us healthy and safe now and in the future,” said Matt Pakucko, President of Save Porter Ranch. “Governor Brown needs to shut down the Aliso Canyon facility.”

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