Crisis Prevention & Restoration – We construct and expedite emergency response plans – helping businesses prepare for a crisis prior and preserve income streams; we focus on business and employee well-being;  preventative measures can minimize the impact of a variety of crisis, disasters and emergencies; we educate, prepare & simplify restoration of business reducing impact.


Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect

The key to assessing risks is to understand the “ripple effect”.


When a disaster or crisis strikes the ripple effect always happens.


Imagine a pond and yourself as a pebble. A crisis is the catalyst that throws your pebble into the pond. Out flow the ripples to all the community. The ripples happen during good times, during every day times, and during crisis, emergencies and disasters. We affect others and other effect us – our lives, businesses, community, friends and family.



“In 2012 we began talking with former FEMA responders about what they wished businesses knew before disaster struck. This has led to us taking steps to offer to our clients a wide range of services to assist them to prepare for the unknown and unexpected.”


FEMA notes that 40% of all businesses that are impacted by an Emergency never re-open.

We are here to change that number.


Business Well-Being

Business Well-Being

Our clients are dedicated to change. They are taking personal responsibility for disaster recovery and lowering the potential loss to themselves, their employees and community.  Leading their employees to prepare for the unexpected ensures resiliency.  They know a few days of no income would equate to a potential close of business and that their employees depend on them to ensure their households run and the community at large holds this same expectation.  Imagine what months or years would do to the local economy without businesses looking at the long-term impact prior to a crisis; Joplin, MO, Sandy, NJ, All hit by Katrina and Charleston, WV are all examples of areas hit by disasters that required longer than a day or two to recover. Crisis Prevention & Restoration is focusing beyond natural and major community disasters; we encourage businesses to look at internal crises as well as external; including expected medical leaves and the unanticipated; broken supply chains; building failures and beyond.

We show business how a few small changes in planning and preparation can assist in business being restored sooner, with greater ease and with the nominal impact.


Crisis Prevention & Restoration is a small private start-up founded in the North Bay of California.  Our partners and consultants have direct real experience with emergencies and the impacts on small business.  We span a wide chasm ranging from retails sales, medical office management, medical specialty management, restaurateur, manufacturing, nutraceutical manufacturing and sales, storage, Moms, Dads, Parents and Friends. Our knowledge is just as wide.