Jessica has been in the medical field for over 26 years.

Jessica with CPR4Biz

Jessica with CPR4Biz


Crisis Prevention & Restoration Product Reviewer


Jessica has been in the medical field for over 26 years. Some of those years included EMT, Deputy Coroner and nurse. Emergency preparedness is second nature to her.


When she lived in California and started raising a family with small children, she prepared for Earthquakes making 3-5 day survival kits for her family and friends. Of course the same thing when she and her family moved to Illinois and it was tornadoes that scared her small children.


Now in Florida, Jessica prepares for hurricanes and tornadoes. Being a Florida native she is well aware of what hurricanes can do since she experienced a few as a kid. Remembering her mom preparing for them and going with out fresh water and power for hours or days at a time.


Jessica currently has a 12 yr old son who is afraid of storms. She has encouraged him and involved him with making emergency kits for the family. Having 2 older brothers that live nearby, he has helped in planning for an emergency. Although he is still afraid of storms he is learning to cope better during a storm and is prepared for them.


“I feel empowered by making sure my family and friends are taken care of in case of any emergency. I feel that if I can teach/show people they can do the same and keep their family safe, secure and taken care of before, during , and after they too will have a better chance of survival. It’s still a learning process for me, every time I find something new…a new item, new way of planning or simply resources I didn’t know I’m eager to share it with everyone.”