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Farm to Glass – Winery Continuity

Silicon Valley Bank expects wine sales to grow between 9% and 13% in 2016

With the shift in millennials to wine consumers comes a shift in demand for attending wine tastings, tours and special events.
With each wine special event — whether a tasting, tour, catered dinner or wedding — there are risks.
 – Wineries’ risks rise when events move beyond tastings

By | August 20, 2007 –

If the event is hosted on the winery’s property, there are “two big things,” according to Peter Liesenfelt, account executive for Wine American Insurance Administrators.
“If someone at a tour or event slips on the floor and falls, it is covered under general liability. The other thing that comes up is liquor liability, where there is a risk of someone drinking too much getting into an accident.” –  As true today as it was 9 years ago.

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Emergencies Happen Every Day

After a disaster is not the time to begin planning to safeguard your business.

After a disaster is not thez time to start planning for financial stability.

Contingency of Operations plans move business forward during times of duress; when normal is changing every day. Trained staff, emergency plans for evacuation, sheltering and medical, procedures for verifying vendors and outside caters insurance are just a few ways wineries can lower risks.

Wineries risks and liabilities have increased with the changing market.

As the drought lessens and the production rises wineries are increasing their services and their risks.  Vineyard events are on the rise as are wine cave, add to these natural risks – permitting issues, antagonized and resentful neighbors, increased foot and vehicle traffic and stringent pour laws – wineries have more to lose than just sales.  For most wine makers their biggest loss would be their wines themselves – loss of a major storage facility as happened in 2005 – and being under insured.  The 2015 Valley fire moved through Lake County’s wine country just as winemakers were in the midst of 2015’s grape harvest. According to the Lake County Winegrape Commission, an estimated 15 percent of the area’s vineyards were scorched by the Valley fire, or about 1,300 acres.

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